Are you looking for a speaker for your next event with parents or teachers?  I have amazing information I'm ready to share! I speak to parents and teachers about:

~The Basics of NLP and Why It's SO Valuable

~How To Read Your Child Through Physiology and                  Language Patterns

~Creating A Deeper Connection with Your Child

~How to be Successful using NLP Models

~How You and Your Child Represent Your World

~Language Patterns-What they are and how we use them

~Languaging for Success with Children

~Questions for Uncovering

~Tell Your Child a Story to Solve a Problem

                 or Make a Point

~Carrying Resources on Your Hand

~How does the Unconscious Mind Work?

~Be a S.M.A.R.T. Parent or Teacher

~Effective Classroom Management using NLP                              (specific to teachers)


Looking for a Speaker?


Tel: 630-441-8481

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